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Kartchner Caverns State Park

2980 South Highway 90, Benson, AZ 85602
(520) 586 4100

About Kartchner Caverns State Park

Most above ground and below ground areas on the park are accessible, except for the hiking trails. The cave is accessible by wheelchair and scooter. All cave trails include switchback curves, inclines and declines and some grades of up to 12 percent. Most of the cave trails have rest areas at regular intervals along the way. Tours have periodic stops. For anyone who finds the steepness too much, benches are located next to the steeper incline/decline routes to allow visitors to avoid those areas, but still enjoy the program. Most motorized and manual wheelchairs may be used in the cave; however, they should have a seat width of 18” or less and an overall width of 30”. There are wheelchairs available to borrow if necessary (valid ID required). Motorized wheelchairs should be electrically powered and have a closed cell battery. Wheelchairs should have functioning brakes capable of parking on an incline/decline. Motorized scooters are allowed on tours but due to the dimensions of the trails, some limitations exist. Scooters should have a width of 30” or less and a total length of 40” or less. Crutches and walkers cannot be taken on the tour. Canes with rubber tips and walkers with hand breaks are permitted. The tram is accessible with ramps at all access points.


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