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Magic Kingdom Park
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About Magic Kingdom Park

Disney theme park for all ages. Register for Disability Access Service and read the guide to learn which rides are suitable for you. Many food options.

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User Reviews

Even Regular Room was Great

March 24, 2019

Do not rent Disney Magic Kingdom ECVs!

Just wanted to warn your readers that Disney World is installing sensors on their ECVs. When someone passes in front of the cart it immediately slows almost to a stop & continues this way about 15 seconds. Doesn't sound like much but if you've ever been to a Disney park - this means you cannot possibly keep up with your family. This cart ruined my vacation. Disney response: Gee we're sorry - have a magical day! I will not go back.

Even Regular Room was Great

November 25, 2018

Written by Sandy

Truly wheelchair friendly

We spend a lot of time at Disney. We like to stay on property and ride the Disney buses from the hotel to the parks. All buses are equipped for wheelchairs and scooters to be locked down during travel. Wheelchairs and their family are loaded first at pickup.