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About Fremont Street Experience

A five-block entertainment district in Downtown Las Vegas. Restaurants, pawn shops, and the Viva Vision Screen.

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Even Regular Room was Great

January 04, 2021

Old Vegas Meets New Vegas

The Fremont Street Experience is a place where old Vegas meets new Vegas. It allows access to historic properties like the Golden Gate, Four Queens and Golden Nugget, while also showcasing the brand new, state of the art Circa. Enjoy the hi-def Viva Vision shows on the canopy. Be sure to get a good angle. It’s easy to strain neck muscles staring up at it during shows. The shows can be somewhat loud, so look for speakers and situate yourself accordingly. Migraine sufferers and those prone to seizures may need to be careful around the flashing lights, which are everywhere. In addition to the casino entrances, the Experience features plenty of bars and a handful of places to grab a bite. Almost all are wheelchair accessible, though some can be a tight fit during busy times. If you want to play, stop into any of the casinos along the route. All are wheelchair accessible, though not always at every entrance. Ask the pit boss to open up a low table if none are open and you want to play. And, as always when visiting venues like this, be careful. There are plenty of patrons who aren’t watching where they’re going. Being bumped into, stepped on and tripped over is commonplace, especially on weekend evenings. Keep your valuables secured as well. Large crowds in an open air environment are prime turf for pickpockets. Even so, enjoy the atmosphere and the show.