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The Holiday Wish List 
By: Lucy Curtis | December 6th 2017, 10:42 am
Lucy Curtis

Hi, I'm from London, UK. My name is Lucy Curtis, better known as Loopysos over at my blog and social medias. Battling with chronic illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, but then also FND/NEAD (functional neurological disorder/non epileptic attacks disorder) to name a few on my diagnoses list, dealing with mental health illnesses, so it's a battle. It's about spreading awareness, and showing we are part of society, making it less taboo. As it's me being creative along the way.

As I am somebody who doesn’t have the funds to necessary travel, it doesn’t stop me wanting, wondering what it would be like. I think often about the places I want to go, and why. As I am from London, the love of cities is in my blood, however it doesn’t stop me liking other areas like the countryside, coastal areas and more. But if I had the money, I would love to visit New York the most.

Routing through accessibleGO website, window shopping, shall we call it, there was a hotel that stood out for me, (remember this is still wish list, if I could scenarios). I would stay at the Millennium Hilton New York Downtown.


I would personally want the higher up rooms, for that beautiful city view, what a view.

So much buzz about New York from shopping, to museums, the art scene (up my alley), fashion, music, theatres, food and more. They are also known to have good transportation.

The last time I was in New York I was just a little kid, sadly I don’t have pics to share. This was also before I became chronically ill, which happened in my early 20’s. Back then as a kid, I remember the buzz of the city, and as an adult I would not only see it from an adult perspective, but also from disabled person view. It would also be good to see how their public transport fairs up.

I looked look online about New York City Buses, as they are accessible and each bus is ‘equipped with wheelchair ramp and lowered floor or a mechanical lift.’ The railways you need to check either online or at the info desk at the individual stations, to see which are accessible, but it’s the same as it is here in London, on that front.

It would be great to absorb what another city has to offer, environment, culture and more. Also who doesn’t like their accents!

New York New York…

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