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Travel Advice for Power Wheelchair Users
By: Manpreet Singh | February 15th 2018, 12:01 pm
Manpreet Singh

Manpreet Singh is a digital marketing Executive for Wheelchair88. started from a family story of a son wanted his father (who suffered from a stroke) to regain the sense of freedom and independence. So he started to develop power wheelchairs that are practical and good looking. Wheelchair88 began in 2011 and is now an established wheelchair development company, focusing on power wheelchairs that are portable, foldable, lightweight, modern and functional.

Power wheelchairs make traveling easy and fun for wheelchair users. The lightweight, compact and fast folding capabilities make handling and storage easy. It’s perfectly made for travel. I have five tips that can make traveling with power wheelchair hassle free.

eden project customer pic

Photo by Kevin Pearce. Photo was taken at the Eden project in Cornwall UK.

Find a local repair shop

Before going to a certain destination, you should research local wheelchair repair shops. This ensures you will be ready for any emergency when you need assistance with your wheelchair.

Take more money than you think you will need

After you calculate how much money you need for meals, transportations, expenses and shopping, you want to add an extra $200 – $400 for unexcepted circumstances that could come up.

Check on the facilities available at the place of your travel

It’s a good idea to call your hotel and places you plan to visit, and inquire about wheelchair accessibility. Make sure you can take your power wheelchair with you on the available path on the tours or attractions. Enquire about elevators or devices to make you safe and comfortable.

Bring an extra battery with you and check the voltage of the country

Make sure you bring an additional battery with you so can travel greater distances without worrying about the battery running out. In the evening, you can recharge the batteries to prepare for the next day.

It’s also important to check the voltage for each country. You want to be confident to be able to use the charger without it blowing up! There are unfortunate incidents where chargers have blown up in different countries.

Have a shower cap with you at all times!

This can come handy in times of rain where you can protect the joystick area from getting wet. However, you still need an umbrella to cover the whole wheelchair. Imagine you’re out exploring the city and it starts to rain. You need to be prepared with something to cover the electrical part of your chair to protect it from malfunction.

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