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Accessible Cruise from Houston, TX (Part 1)
By: accessibleGO | March 12th 2019, 4:46 pm

PART 1: Pre-Cruise Hotel Stay at the Marriott Houston South at Hobby Airport

Vacation time! I’m in excitement overload!

Started off with a non-eventful Southwest Airlines Flight. “Non-eventful” because I was pre-boarded and taken on the plane in a wheelchair where four Southwest staff helped me to a seat up front, and waited until I got settled before the onslaught began of people boarding.

Happy to report that I was then helped off the plane to a waiting wheelchair to enter the airport.

Aileen’s Grade: Southwest Airlines, A+

Hotel Shuttle and Arrival

Next, called the Marriott for their hotel shuttle bus, but when I went outside it was already there, picking up other guests/passengers. Just tell them if you need a lift shuttle bus.

The ride from the airport to the Marriott Houston South at Hobby Airport Hotel is about 2 minutes.

The Lobby was incredible! See accompanying pictures!

Most unexpected for an airport hotel. It could actually be a vacation destination by itself! The decor is modern and very clean with a zen atmosphere.

(Water flowing peacefully in a relaxing zen garden atmosphere).

They have a convenience store right next to the check-in desk stocked with snacks and drinks.

There is a business center with computers, the sundry shop, a library, a heated pool that is accessible, and a self-serve laundry and fitness center.

There is a bar and restaurant and breakfast buffet, but more on that later.

Aileen’s Grade: First Impression of Hotel, A+

The Room

The room was clean and modern. Very spacious, which I need for my physical challenges.

Be very clear at check-in to state precisely your wants and needs in a hotel room.

They have different “configurations” of accessible rooms at this Marriott. The staff is very accommodating and it won’t be an issue. My “accessible room” was perfect for my stay, as I was only there 2 nights, with a personal care attendant along with me.

The comfortable bed was of a medium height, and I had no problems getting in and out with assistance.

The bathroom was modern and “accessible enough” for me, but I was assured by the staff there were bathrooms with roll in showers, etc. if needed.

The “view” was of a parking lot, but it was very quiet, and on the third floor of ten floors.

Two T.V’s, sitting area, full-length mirror. I liked the room.

Aileen’s Grade: Hotel Room, A

Hotel Amenities

Just a great atmosphere!

Pool is indoor, heated, accessible with a lift.

It was extremely crowded with families, so I did not actually go swimming, but the children appeared to really be having fun!

Fitness Center was small, but surprisingly complete. Did not use, due to vacation laziness. 😄

Sundry shop is open 24 hours, you pay at check-in desk. I purchased a beverage and snack. (Sundry Shop is expensive F.Y.I.)

Library has many books and great sitting area.

Business center complete.

Aileen’s Grade: Hotel Amenities, A

Food & Beverage

Restaurant is roomy and accessible. Pricing is what you would expect: a bit pricey, but our food was delicious! See accompanying photos.

The service is 5 star, and food so good, the price is not upsetting. Large portions as expected in Texas. 🙂

Special Praise for Access!
I spoke with Alyssa, the supervisor of the restaurant, who informed me that there is a private dining area for special needs groups, and they are proud of the fact that they have their menu binders made by a blind group that meets there. Kudos Marriott!

The Breakfast Buffet is $14.00 plus tax. I really enjoyed the buffet. Everything was fresh and very good. Very easy to overload your plate! 🙂 Service continues to be excellent at the buffet as well.

Aileen’s Grade: Breakfast Buffet, A+ (this is a rare grading from me for a buffet, but everyone who ate there was in agreement with my grade).


I recommend the Marriott Houston South at Hobby Airport.

Great hotel for a pre-cruise out of Galveston, Texas if you don’t want to pay high Galveston hotel prices.

Staff is superb! Customer service is perfect!

Onto the shuttle, back to the Houston Hobby Airport for the cruise ship shuttle to the Port of Galveston!

To Be Continued……

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